• Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan - April 23rd - 28th, 2018
  • Atamiskākēwak

Takoza Tipi Camp

Joining us all week on the Western Development Museum Grounds for free educational interactive tours and experiencing traditional First Nation history and culture.

**Please note that regular admission does apply if you wish to tour the Western Development Museum Galleries.**


Interactive tipi tours daily – Metis Local #160 will have tipi location with Red River Cart and history throughout entire week.  RCMP will have their tipi displayed as well [building relationships]

TAKOZA has a vision that through mutual respect for cultural diversity and understanding, we can make the world we live in a better place for our grandchildren and those yet unborn by defining our path in life through improved individual effort and self-exploration. The change from within enhances our worldview. 
'Our actions yesterday are history - our actions today are our future.'

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The TAKOZA Tipi Camp was established in the year 2000 and was inspired by the Haywahe family. The intention was to create an understanding of the traditional First Nation history and culture that was passed down through the generations. The camp tipis are traditionally set in historical fashion, situated in the rolling hills of Carry the Kettle First Nation, 24 kilometers northwest of Indian Head, Saskatchewan nestled in the beautiful Qu'Appelle Valley, just south of Katepwa Lake.  They are bringing it to Moose Jaw for Atamiskakewak Gathering 2018!

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Program Purpose and Learning Outcomes

Smudging Ceremony

The purpose of the smudge ceremony is to understand the gifts of Mother Earth, sweet-grass, sage, and cedar.

  • Increase respect for Mother Earth
  • Understand the cleansing process of mind, body and spirit
  • Increase understanding of the purpose of cultural First Nation ceremony
History of the Cypress Hills Massacre

Learn the history of the Assiniboine people.

  • Awareness of the Assiniboine history prior to the Cypress Hill Massacre
  • Understanding of the Cypress Hill Massacre of 1873
  • Awareness of the Assiniboine’s history following the Massacre
Traditional Games

The purpose is to learn how to make the equipment and play this traditional game as our ancestors once did.

Double Ball:

  • Skill in making game equipment from Mother Nature
  • Learn the game of Double Ball
  • Play the game of Double Ball
Traditional Medicine Plants

The purpose is to introduce the gifts that Mother Earth provides for our well-being.

  • Increase respect for plants
  • Increased understanding and appreciation of nature
  • Understand the relationship between nature and man
  • Increased knowledge of the uses of various medicinal plants
Voices of the Past

Listen to the stories of significant landmarks that dot the prairies.

  • Understand the effects that colonization of the land had on the First people
  • Understand how biases, racism and discrimination affected the First Nation people
  • Understand how First Nation people impacted western civilization
Residential Schools Impact

Understand the purpose and impact that the residential school system had on the People.

  • Knowledge of the removal and isolations of children from their homes, culture, traditions
  • Understanding the purpose of the system
  • Understanding the differences from the general public-school system
Traditional Ceremonies

Listen to the teachings of the pipe ceremony and sweat lodge

  • Increase understanding of ceremony
  • Increase understanding of First Nation spirituality
  • Understand the meaning of the ceremonial structures
  • Increase understanding of traditional tobacco use
Tipi Raising – Pole Teachings

The purpose of the Tipi Raising is to experience setting up a traditional First Nations lodge.

  • Understanding of the structure of the tipi (physical)
  • Understand the history of the tipi
  • Learn the design of the tipi (spiritual & mental, emotional)
Horse Culture

The purpose is to learn basic techniques in approaching and handling of the horse:

  • Understanding that the horse in its own provides us with its teachings on the inner self by mirroring our own attitudes and behaviors.
  • Knowledge of the origin of the horse.
  • Mans connection to the horse.
Metis History & The Fur Trade

To learn the origin of the Metis People and Culture:

  • Awareness of the Fur Trade
  • Knowledge of the area known as Rupert’s Land
  • Understand the development and uniqueness of the Metis culture
  • Understand the script commission and the Metis Agent
Tatanka – The Buffalo

The purpose of this session is to understand the value of the buffalo to the Assiniboine.

  • Learn how the people used of all parts of the buffalo
  • Increase understanding of hide preparation
  • Gain knowledge and skill of the buffalo hunt
The People and the Affects of the European contact
  • Understanding of how European arrival and the development of laws changed the land and people
  • Understanding of Treaty
  • Knowledge of the modern First Nation Community
First Nation Song and Dance

Create an understanding of the First Nation song and dance styles while being entertained by world class performers

  • Increase understanding of the meaning of the songs and drum
  • Increase understanding to the meaning of the dance regalia
  • Increase understanding of origins of dance
  • Increase understanding and respect for the significance of the pow wow