• Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan - April 23rd - 28th, 2018
  • Atamiskākēwak

Indigenous Cultural Workshops

Facilitator: ANISH Corp.
Location: Heritage Hotel & Convention Centre
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Session Schedule

Monday April 23rd
  • Traditional Family Parenting
    • 7pm – 8pm
    • The Traditional Family Parenting presentation teaches us the meaning of the old saying, “It takes a community to raise a child”. The goal is to create awareness of what healthy family parenting is and how we can begin to incorporate some of the old teachings of family and community into our parenting today. We will look at:
      • How Indigenous people parented prior to colonization and Residential School
      • Healthy family and gender roles through the Life Star teachings
      • The importance of family unity and nurturing environments
      • Tipi teachings: What the tipi represents, the teachings of each pole, and how the poles teach us about family values
Tuesday April 24th
  • Cultural Sensitivity
    • 7pm – 8pm
    • This Cultural Sensitivity session focuses on the historical trauma, oppression, racism and cultural insensitivity that Indigenous people have been subjected to for over 150 years. The goal is to learn about some common myths and misconceptions of Indigenous people and discuss how non-Indigenous misconceptions and lack of Indigenous cultural knowledge can lead to defensiveness and cultural over-sensitivity.


Wednesday April 25th
  • Indian Residential Schools Effects & Impacts
    • 7pm – 8pm
    • The focus of this session is to explore the impacts and intergenerational effects on Indigenous people caused by Indian Residential Schools (IRS). Participants will develop a foundational understanding of the subject so the path towards healing and reconciliation can begin. All Canadians have been impacted by the IRS system in some way, whether directly or indirectly. A lack of knowledge and education on this topic has shaped perceptions people have about the IRS era and the 60’s Scoop that followed.


Thursday April 26th
  • Basic Indigenous Traditional Teachings
    • 7pm – 8pm
    • The Sacred Life Teachings provide participants with basic cultural and ceremonial teachings that are not area or tribal specific, such as:
      • Protocols of approaching an Elder
      • Four sacred medicines - Tobacco, Sweetgrass, Sage, and Cedar
      • Ceremony protocols and the importance of tobacco
      • The Sweat Lodge ceremony
      • Feasts and giveaways